2017 – 2018 SPEAKERS

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CEO Forum Of the University of New Hampshire.

Past Programs

Shawn Gorman

Shawn Gorman
Executive Chairman of the Board
L.L. Bean
11/17/16 - more photos

Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnston, Principal
Cathartes Private Investments

3/10/16 - more photos

Dean Deborah Merrill-Sands

Dean Deborah Merrill-Sands
Peter T. Paul College of Business
University of New Hampshire

Jim Jalbert

Jim Jalbert, President
C & J Trailways

4/21/16 - more photos

Dr. Carl C. Dietrich
Terrafugia, Inc.
9/11/2014 - more photos

Erik Dodier & Thomas Obrey
1/26/2012 - more photos

Major General William N. Reddel III, New Hampshire National Guard

Major General
William N. Reddel, III
11/16/2011 - more photos

Chris Rondeau, Planet Fitness

Chris Rondeau
Planet Fitness
9/29/2011 - more photos

Dan Morrison, Optima Bank & Trust

Dan Morrison
Optima Bank & Trust
11/18/2010 - more photos

Marilyn Carlson Nelson at the CEO Forum 10/16/2008

Marilyn Carlson Nelson
Chairman, Carlson Companies
10/16/2008 - more photos

  • Amadeus Hospitality Division
    Lee Horgan, CEO
  • BAE Systems
    Dan Murray, Director, Targeting Solutions - Electronic Solutions
  • Benjamin Moore & Co.
    Jack Moore, Past Director
  • Berwick Academy
    Greg Schneider, Headmaster
  • C & J Bus Lines
    Jim Jalbert, President
  • Carlson Companies
    Marilyn Carlson Nelson, Chairman
  • CCA Global Partners
    Howard Brodsky, CEO & Chairman
  • Cianbro Companies
    Peter Vigue, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO
  • Crane & Co.
    Charles Kittridge, Chairman
  • DEKA Research and Development
    Dean Kamen, CEO
  • Dyn
    Jeremy Hitchcock, CEO
  • E. Ritter & Company
    Daniel B. Hatzenbuehler, Past Chairman of the Board
  • Ever Better Eating, Inc.
    Bradford S. Sterl, Jr., Founder, President & CEO
  • Felton Brush Inc.
    Mark Godfrey, President
  • GreenPages
    Ron Dupler, CEO
  • Hancock Lumber
    Kevin Hancock, CEO, President and Chairman
  • Insight Technology Inc.
    Ken Solinsky, President and Co-founder
  • Irving Oil Corporation
    Mike Ashar, President
  • L.L. Bean
    Shawn Gorman, Executive Chairman of the Board
  • Lonza Biologics
    Michael Cicio, VP of Operations and Site Manager
  • Merchants Automotive Group
    Glen Villano, CEO
    George Pyne, COO
  • Next Step Bionics and Prosthetics
    Matt Albuquerque, Founder and CEO
  • Novel Iron Works
    Hollie Noveletsky, CEO
  • Optima Bank & Trust
    Dan Morrison, President
  • Performance Sports Group (Bauer)
    Kevin Davis, CEO
  • PixelMEDIA
    Erik Dodier & Thomas Obrey, Co-Founders
  • Planet Fitness
    Chris Rondeau, CEO
  • Pleasant View Gardens
    Henry Huntington, President & CEO
  • Portsmouth Regional Hospital
    Anne Jamieson, CEO
    Mark Stebbins, Chairman & CEO
  • Roedel Companies
    Fred B. Roedel, Senior Advisor
  • Safran Aerospace Composites
    Patrick Haywood, General Manager
  • SleepNet Corporation
    Thomas Moulton, President & CEO
  • Smuttynose Brewing Co. & the Portsmouth Brewery
    Peter Egelston, Founder & President
  • Sprague Energy Corp
    Gary Rinaldi, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
  • Stonyfield Farm
    Gary Hirshberg, President
  • Sullivan Construction
    Tom Sullivan, President and Scott Albert, Northeast Region Manager
  • Terrafugia, Inc.
    Dr. Carl C. Dietrich, Co-founder, CEO and CTO
  • The Common Man
    Alex Ray, Founder
  • Tuscan Brands
    Joseph Faro, CEO & Chief Food Taster
  • Two International Group
    Renee Plummer, Vice President of Marketing
  • Velcro Americas
    Scott Filion, President
  • Wilcox Industries
    James W. Teetzel, CEO & Founder
  • Wire Belt Company of America
    David Greer, CEO