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CEO Forum Of the University of New Hampshire.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Patrick Haywood

General Manager, Safran Aerospace Composites

Location: Huddleston Hall, Durham, NH
Time: 8:00AM – 10:00AM

Patrick Haywood, Safran Aerospace Composites

Patrick Haywood

Pat Haywood holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Washington State University, and coursework toward a MBA at the University of Cincinnati. He is currently the General Manager at Safran Aerospace Composites, Rochester, NH, producing composite fan blades and fan cases for LEAP engines, and developing the fan case for the GE 9X engine. Prior to SAC, Pat was the CEO of Messier Bugatti USA, in addtion to the Industrial Director of Messier Bugatti Dowty Wheels & Brakes Division. Prior to his 16+ years with Safran at SAC and Messier Bugatti, Pat held positions in engineering, production and management at Park Electrochemical, BP Chemicals HITCO, Sybron and Cytec.

Safran, in cooporation with Albany Engineered Composites, recently invested approximately $100 million in new buildings and equipment in Rochester, New Hampshire, for R&D and production of aircraft components, jointly creating approximately 400 new jobs. Safran Rochester is dedicated to the production of 3D woven composite parts for aircraft engines. The first application of this patented technology is the production of fan blades and casees fo rthe next generation LEAP engine.

Pat has over 30 years experience in aerospace composites, involved in materials development and production for commercial and military aircraft engines and structures, helicopters, space launch boosters, missle fins, thermal protection, stealth materials, radomes, carbon brakes, and industrial and recreational products. He has managed the construction of new or expanded manufacturing facilities in the United States, France and Malaysia.  

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