Fluctuations in the Lake – Review

Book review:

CL Xatri. Fluctuations in the lake. Bareilly: Prakash Book Warehouse, 2006, p.72, Price Rs. 60 / -. ISBN 81-7977-164-4

As an editor, critic, commentator, and scholar, CL Khatri was a staunch promoter of New Indian English talent. Thank you to Bihar and Jharkhand for making effective use of Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčLiterature, an English-language research magazine, every two years to bring a few creative names to the forefront. Kargil (2000), his first collection of 42 poems, further increased his fame as an Indian English poet.

The waves in the lake are Khatri’s second collection of 54 poems. He draws attention with a rare maturity in his voice: “I will go on the highway / naked like a baby with a spring in my soul.” In his poems ‘Pitrivin’, ‘Brahm-bhoj’, ‘Brindawan’, ‘Summer’, ‘Professor Saheb’, ‘Winter’, ‘Bapu’, ‘Cinprit’, one can feel ridicule in the choice of expression and expression. and ‘Carrier Crow’. Native sensitivity answers the questions that follow the poem after the poem. Sounds like a lack of self-confidence for everyone:

“Every morning when I go out

I pray for Dashanan to lend one of their heads

As a spare part

If they cut off my head, I will use it.

I’ll give it back when I’m done. “


Khatri may sound “crazy” when describing Bihar’s popular backward policy, but she is not a loser by wearing a “spring mask.” It takes root in the soil, becomes self-confident and difficult, when it invites humiliators and critics to live the basic humanity of the people:

“It simply came to our notice then.

Our buffalo comes in, rising cow dust

When you return home with the sun set

Semi-naked, casual hair

Rustic language, full of home

Scattered grains, straw, dead leaves …

Do not cover your nostrils with fragrant hanky

Let your nose smell them. You will feel better

They are the feathers of our lives. “


Recalling the importance of the Rock (?) For the liberation of sins and ultimate salvation, it sounds almost mythical:

“When you don’t get four shoulders

The body should be taken to the crematorium

Come back to us to rest on our shoulders. “

In ‘Hangover’, I hear the echoes of OP Bhatnagar in a postmodernist vein. Like everyone else, he seems tolerant of the “havala” and “ghotala” he hears or reads:

“Screams still pass through my veins …

cold stolid stones

I continue my morning ritual. “

(‘Morning Ritual’)

CL Hatry’s new collection continues Kargil’s thinking with aspects of the difficult life in the country today: natural disasters (‘Life and Death’, ‘Bhuj’), poverty and political immorality (‘Mirage’, ‘Mother’s Cry’, ‘Bapu’, ‘The Eye’ ages’), environmental pollution (‘Sinner’, ‘Bus ride’), superstitions and prejudices (‘Natural’), terrorist policy (‘British Ghost’, ‘Karbala in Sorrow’), etc. more shaped. Some poems are not as natural as others. Sometimes I doubt that he needed to use as many Hindi words as he could to avoid using the importance of a French ad.

‘Teddy bear’. However, the poet’s poems allow Khatri to become a powerful voice of the 21st century. The waves in the lake are very readable and convenient.