To satisfy an unbearable human hunger

Have you ever wondered if there is anything you can do so deeply that causes a ripple effect?

Well, there is.

The most basic thing is to meet the needs of a person. According to Dale Carnegie, getting to know other people, being friends, and influencing others is the secret. Abraham Lincoln once said, “Everyone likes a definition.” The deepest principle in human nature is the desire to be appreciated. “The desire to feel important is one of the key differences between human beings and animals,” Dale Carnegie said.

Good leaders know how to encourage and thank people who work for them. A leader who knows how to satisfy the hunger for recognition of others will hold the world in his hands. There is a beautiful chapter in Carnegie’s book called “The Whole World Can Do It.” Just can’t go one way. “

Translation: If you can find a way to get to know people for their strengths and show them gratitude, you will have a lot of friends and followers. If you can’t, you’ll be left alone – very alone.

Eating to think: Think. Who do you think will support you in difficult times? People you appreciate and know, or people you don’t care about?