American Dream – What Does It Cost?

Ask people, “How many people are you happy with?” The answer of the vast majority of people is “I am not”. And when asked what they want more from life, the typical answer is “I want to be happy,” as if happiness is somewhere like Disneyland or Happy Land. But happiness is not destination. This is a period. In fact, happiness is not so much a feeling (contrary to the popular culture reinforced by the media), but rather a state of being and an attitude if you will. It stems from feeling connected to everything and everyone. It is the level of our consciousness that makes the difference between being “happy” or unhappy.
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It is increasingly easy to live in an artificial world, to forget our spiritual roots, and it is very difficult not to experience the illusion of life more than life itself. When we live under the slogan “The most happy toy”, not the “Most happy toy”, we experience an artificial joy that prevents us from living fully here and now, always in contact with real people. live life and true joy. Perhaps this is why many of us, knowingly or unknowingly, have been subjected to the illusion of the American dream and the sweet promise of success based on a system of materialist values.
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So instead of rushing to say, “I want more money,” ask yourself “at what cost” by mixing material success with more love and joy? Is high price tag worth the effort to achieve success, which is narrowly defined by AMERICAN DREAMS? and great selflessness? It is easy to forget what is really important to watch the AMERICAN DAY and ignore the many traps of success. You can discover that you are not just “there” just to go “there.” There is more to life than material success and living with a code of external and shallow values ‚Äč‚Äčthat does not really serve our highest good and purpose, and then you get frustrated and life easily turns into an empty experience or goal devoid of meaning and true joy.
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This is not to say that you should not strive for perfection and even material success. There is nothing virtuous about being poor. How can you help people when you are suffering? Unfortunately, money has such a bad name (“money is the root of all evil”). In fact, the love of money – greed – drives some to commit crimes that are the root of all evil). Used properly, money can be a very useful tool for making a difference.

It makes more sense to live well for yourself because you can give yourself to benefit others. You are an expression of life and require your active participation in the process of life through creativity and prosperity. However, it is important that you make informed decisions that the promise of the AMERICAN DREAM (to have it all, to enjoy it all, and to live happily ever after) based on a materialist and shallow value system is just a dream. it may not be to your advantage and may actually do you more harm than good. Success has its traps. It requires a very high price tag that may not be worth it.

But if you still insist on knowing whether or not you have reached the “Happy Land,” you will eventually know when you live your life consciously. This means that you are grateful for all the blessings in your life (remember that it can always be bad). Your joy in life does not depend on external values, such as the accumulation of goods that produce artificial joy that is as temporary as cruel. You stop defining yourself based on someone’s narrow definition of who you are and who you should be. After all, your true nature, which is constantly changing and expanding, is superior to any artificial definition. Now there is something to be excited about.