Carpet Stretching – Everything You Need to Know (Not to Do It Yourself)

Why you need to stretch the carpet:

Carpet stretching is generally done in two different situations: during initial installation and for carpet repair. The initial stretching during installation ensures that the carpet is trained, strengthened and even between all floor coverings. The learned carpet will remain in place and will remain flat and smooth where it belongs.
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What causes carpets to wavy or wobble:

  • Poor installation: The carpet may not be installed properly. In most cases, the installer did not use the power cord properly or at all during a bad installation.
  • Excessive wear due to traffic: Occasionally wheelchairs, walkways, bicycles, etc. Due to this, a carpet needs to be stretched again. Even if it is installed perfectly, it can be left empty without excessive wear.
  • Sliding heavy furniture: Carpet is made of fabric layer. Heavy furniture can cause ripples when it slides over the carpet.
  • Latex: If the latex that connects the support deteriorates, it is called delamination, the carpet essentially loses its place in the hands, resulting in bending and loss of fiber.
  • Wrong pillow for carpet type. Some pile types require certain pillow types; If they are not paired properly, there may not be enough grip and support, resulting in carpet buckles. When buying a carpet, be sure to consult a specialist or manufacturer’s manager to get the right filling to accompany it.

If your carpet is wavy:

(to lie down or not to lie down)
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If you have a carpet that looks more like the ocean than a flat carpet, you may have a problem. It wears out faster as it starts to loosen and ripple. The bigger the waves, the faster the waves grow. The reason for this is that the carpet is stretched straight and does not move. As you walk through the waves of the carpet, it causes the carpet to move up and down and loosens it even more.
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If your carpet is empty, it’s time to move on. In most cases, stretching the carpet can create waves and buckles, and there is no need to spend money on how the carpet is laid.
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Carpet stretching is a general type of carpet repair that involves pulling the carpet up from one or more edges of the room, re-extending it to a suitable strength, cutting the carpet to the required length, placing it in place, and finally assembling it. along the edge.
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Like any type of carpet repair, a stretch carpet is more involved than it looks. Stretching the carpet is not just about straightening and re-fixing the waves or pulling them by hand from the edges like a sheet. Carpet stretching comes with its own tools and techniques to help you do the job properly.
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Basic carpet stretching tools

All of these tools will be in the hands of a carpet repairman. If you decide to try and stretch the carpet yourself, most or all of these tools should be available for rent or purchase at a relatively reasonable price. Even contracting to stretch your carpet is more profitable than relocating the carpet, so in either case, these tools in your hands or in the hands of others will save you some money.

Partial list

  • The knee stretches. A knee stretcher, also known as a kicker, is a special tool with a cushion on one end (don’t kick) on your knee to stick to the carpet at one end to ‘kick’ your quadriceps!
  • Strong carpet stretches. In business, we usually call this self-injury. Stretching is the most important tool for stretching the carpet. Specially designed to fit any size room and help the carpet stretch more effectively than you can with your hands (or knees). It has a strong carpet stretcher, a very long pole with a carpet handle at one end, a wall reinforcement on the other side, and an armrest in the middle. Do not even try to extend a carpet without a carpet. This is the most expensive tool of many of our carpet owners.
  • Carpet or slit knife. As you can imagine, a good carpet knife involved in almost every carpet repair job will never irritate you. In the case of stretching the carpet, the knife is used to straighten the edge of the carpet after it has been pulled hard.
  • Punch weapon. Industrial carpet staple gun is not an ordinary staple weapon. The punches are narrow enough to fit between sleeps. Carpet staple guns are not always necessary for stretching carpets, but it’s good to have them on hand just to be sure. Because a properly stretched carpet is so dense that only a strip of tape cannot hold it satisfactorily, in which case the punch gun eliminates the suspicion.
  • Staircase. A cut like a tool used to cut the carpet after cutting it to the required size.
  • Good luck. It resembles an ice collector used to tie a carpet to a strip of clothing
  • Hammer.

Carpet stretching: Do your homework first
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There are a few things to keep in mind when your carpet repair task is to extend the carpet.

Carpet manufacturers determine the appropriate type of covering for different types of carpets, as well as the appropriate carpet stretching methods and quantities. Some types may not be suitable for others. For example, a jute fiber-backed carpet should be slightly denser than a synthetic fiber-backed foam fiber. Some woven carpets will stretch to one side and not to the other. Before starting work, consult the manufacturer’s instructions or a carpet repair specialist to get all the facts. Knowing what you are working with is as important as knowing what you are doing.
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The following is an overly simplified training. If you still do not know what you are doing, it is better to just hire a specialist. If you decide you want to struggle by stretching your carpet, I suggest that you take the time to use your head, keep your knives sharp, not just try to hit hard with your knees, and most importantly, be careful.
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Carpet stretching method

The first step is to empty the room of furniture. If you really know what you’re doing, then you can work around some furniture, but if you’re inexperienced, I suggest you do yourself a favor and empty the room.
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Determine the direction in which the carpet should be pulled. In most cases, the carpet needs to be pulled in only one direction.

Remove any metal strips on the road. Nails of some flat metal strips should be removed. Another type of metal strip is called a clamp down metal. Open the carpet with a straight cut or a ladder (slightly) to free it from the metal clamp. There are many different metal strips to describe here that you need to understand.
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Use your foot to lift the edge of the carpet. Go to a corner of the room and tap the inside of the carpet about 6 “away from the wall. From here you will be able to pull the carpet up. If you don’t have legs, you can probably use a pliers.
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Now it’s time to open the carpet stretch. Place the tip of the foot against the broom board and a few inches away from the wall where your head rests. The energy stretch is stronger for tearing the carpet, so be careful to stretch the carpet long enough to remove wrinkles (and maybe a little more). Stretching the carpet is not a good idea, because you will create waves going in the other direction. Again, stretch the carpet as much as you need to eliminate the waves.
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Use the stroke to make small adjustments.

Start in the center of the room and extend the carpet at a slight angle to the corners. Each time you press the handle of the electric extension, you will pull the carpet.
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Cut the carpet from the back using a threaded paring knife. You need to cut so that it still applies enough to penetrate the groove between the adhesive strip and the wall. If you cut the carpet a little too short, you can probably lengthen it a little more. If you cut too long to put it right, cut a little longer.
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Push the carpet to the nails coming out of the strip before moving on to the next area. If it is difficult for the carpet to stick to the adhesive strip, use a carpet staple gun.
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If you use a punch gun, be sure to lower the point of the gun between sleeps so that you only punch the support of the support strip and do not punch the sleeper down. Continue to stretch, cut, touch, and pull across the room. Replace any metal switch and viola!
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