Fluctuations in the Lake – Review

Book review:

CL Xatri. Fluctuations in the lake. Bareilly: Prakash Book Warehouse, 2006, p.72, Price Rs. 60 / -. ISBN 81-7977-164-4

As an editor, critic, commentator, and scholar, CL Khatri was a staunch promoter of New Indian English talent. Thank you to Bihar and Jharkhand for making effective use of Cyber ​​Literature, an English-language research magazine, every two years to bring a few creative names to the forefront. Kargil (2000), his first collection of 42 poems, further increased his fame as an Indian English poet.

The waves in the lake are Khatri’s second collection of 54 poems. He draws attention with a rare maturity in his voice: “I will go on the highway / naked like a baby with a spring in my soul.” In his poems ‘Pitrivin’, ‘Brahm-bhoj’, ‘Brindawan’, ‘Summer’, ‘Professor Saheb’, ‘Winter’, ‘Bapu’, ‘Cinprit’, one can feel ridicule in the choice of expression and expression. and ‘Carrier Crow’. Native sensitivity answers the questions that follow the poem after the poem. Sounds like a lack of self-confidence for everyone:

“Every morning when I go out

I pray for Dashanan to lend one of their heads

As a spare part

If they cut off my head, I will use it.

I’ll give it back when I’m done. “


Khatri may sound “crazy” when describing Bihar’s popular backward policy, but she is not a loser by wearing a “spring mask.” It takes root in the soil, becomes self-confident and difficult, when it invites humiliators and critics to live the basic humanity of the people:

“It simply came to our notice then.

Our buffalo comes in, rising cow dust

When you return home with the sun set

Semi-naked, casual hair

Rustic language, full of home

Scattered grains, straw, dead leaves …

Do not cover your nostrils with fragrant hanky

Let your nose smell them. You will feel better

They are the feathers of our lives. “


Recalling the importance of the Rock (?) For the liberation of sins and ultimate salvation, it sounds almost mythical:

“When you don’t get four shoulders

The body should be taken to the crematorium

Come back to us to rest on our shoulders. “

In ‘Hangover’, I hear the echoes of OP Bhatnagar in a postmodernist vein. Like everyone else, he seems tolerant of the “havala” and “ghotala” he hears or reads:

“Screams still pass through my veins …

cold stolid stones

I continue my morning ritual. “

(‘Morning Ritual’)

CL Hatry’s new collection continues Kargil’s thinking with aspects of the difficult life in the country today: natural disasters (‘Life and Death’, ‘Bhuj’), poverty and political immorality (‘Mirage’, ‘Mother’s Cry’, ‘Bapu’, ‘The Eye’ ages’), environmental pollution (‘Sinner’, ‘Bus ride’), superstitions and prejudices (‘Natural’), terrorist policy (‘British Ghost’, ‘Karbala in Sorrow’), etc. more shaped. Some poems are not as natural as others. Sometimes I doubt that he needed to use as many Hindi words as he could to avoid using the importance of a French ad.

‘Teddy bear’. However, the poet’s poems allow Khatri to become a powerful voice of the 21st century. The waves in the lake are very readable and convenient.

The Wild West Crypto Show continues

A frequently asked question is: How do I choose which cryptocurrency to invest in – not all of them are the same?

Undoubtedly, Bitcoin has captured the lion’s share of the cryptocurrency market (CC), and this is largely due to its popularity. This phenomenon is more like what is happening in national politics in a world where a candidate receives a majority of FAME-based votes, rather than the proven abilities and habits to govern a nation. Bitcoin is a leader in this market space and almost continues to collect market headlines. This Fame does not mean that it is perfect for business, and it is well known that Bitcoin has problems that need to be limited and solved, but in the world of Bitcoin, there is disagreement on how best to solve problems. As the problems increase, there is a constant opportunity for developers to launch new coins that address specific situations and thus stand out from the approximately 1,300 other coins in this market space. Let’s take a look at two Bitcoin competitors and explore how they differ from Bitcoin and each other:

Ethereum (ETH) – Ethereum coin is known as ETHER. The main difference from Bitcoin is that Ethereum uses “smart contracts” that are objects of account storage in the Ethereum blockchain. Smart Contracts are defined by the developers and can interact with other contracts, make decisions, store information, and send ETHER to others. The execution and services they offer are provided by the Ethereum network, and all of this is higher than what Bitcoin or any other blockchain network can do. Smart Contracts can act as your autonomous agent, following your instructions and rules for spending currency and launching other transactions on the Ethereum network.

Ripple (XRP) – This coin and Ripple network has unique features that make it more than a digital currency like Bitcoin. Ripple has developed the Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP), a powerful financial instrument that allows the rapid and efficient transfer of exchanges in the Ripple network. The idea is to put money in “links” that only those who know the password can open. This opens up great opportunities for financial institutions, as it facilitates cross-border payments, reduces costs and provides transparency and security. All this is done with the creative and intelligent use of blockchain technology.

The mainstream media cover this market with news stories almost every day, but the depth of their stories is shallow … mostly dramatic headlines.

The Wild West show continues …

Average 5 part crypto / blockchain option 109% Since 11/17 December. Wild swings continue with daily gyrations. Yesterday, we were the last to try to bring down the cryptocurrency explosion in South Korea and China.

On Thursday, South Korean Justice Minister Park Sang-ki temporarily lowered global bitcoin prices and put virtual coin markets in turmoil when he said regulators were drafting a law to ban cryptocurrency trading. On the same day, the South Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance, one of the main members of the South Korean government’s cryptocurrency regulation working group, came out and said it had departments. do not agree With an early statement from the Ministry of Justice on a potential cryptocurrency trading ban.

While the South Korean government says cryptocurrency trading is nothing more than a gamble and says it is worried that many industry citizens will be left in a poor home, their real concern is the loss of tax revenue. This is the same concern of every government.

China has become one of the world’s largest sources of cryptocurrency mining, but there are now reports that the government has begun to regulate the electricity used by mining computers. Today, more than 80% of the electricity to produce Bitcoin comes from China. By shutting down miners, the government will make it harder for Bitcoin users to verify transactions. Mining operations will move elsewhere, but China is particularly attractive due to very low electricity and land costs. If China reacts to this threat, there will be a temporary loss of mining capability, which will result in Bitcoin users spending longer and spending more to verify the transaction.

This wild walk will continue and like the internet boom, we will see some big winners and finally some big losers. Also, like the internet boom or the uranium boom, early entrants will thrive, with mass investors always buying at the top and always appearing at the end.

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3 Ways to Financing Your Business Without Credit Cards

If you have a cash problem and need to find some financing for your company, there are three ways you may have overlooked.

1. Seller financing

Extending trade debt, say 30 to 60 days, is a very common way for companies to improve cash flow. In general, sellers are not very happy when this happens, and some even protest vaguely. Most businesses are small, and prolonged debt only hurts everyone in the long run. Consider: If you depend on one of your customers to pay you within 30 days, and that customer does not pay for 90 days, it can significantly affect your cash flow. If you have one of your main customers, the impact can be quite serious. You don’t have the cash to pay your invoice, so there is a ripple effect below.

This offer is different. If you have a good relationship with your vendors, it is sometimes possible to get them to agree to finance part of your company by extending their terms for a longer period of time, especially for a large order. If you are a new company with little or no history, you can contact the sellers who show you your business plan and the order documents you have already received. If the seller is confident that your company will be successful and will be one of the better customers in the future, they may want to give you a break now.

Another alternative is to guarantee the seller that you will have an exclusive supplier for an agreed period of time in exchange for longer loan terms. Or you can offer to pay a little higher than the market price in exchange for longer loan terms. This method can be dangerous because it determines the advantage of a higher price. When longer terms are no longer needed, it can be difficult to reduce the price you pay the seller.

Sometimes it is possible to persuade sellers to exchange a note or a capital position in your company that will be paid in lieu of a traded debt.

2. Prepaid Customers

If you have successfully demonstrated to your customers that you have delivered your order on time, you can persuade one or more of them to place a deposit of up to 50% on their future orders. You can add an incentive by reducing your price a bit in exchange for a deposit. Or you can give a bonus: if they order 100 products, you give 10 extra. Deposits may be requested from new customers, especially if there is a large or special order.

3. Trade and barter

Barter is probably one of the oldest forms of trade. It is the exchange of goods or services for other goods instead of simply using them as cash. Trade can be directly between the two parties or the trade can go through a barter exchange.

Barter exchanges generally work with a points system that has one point for every dollar. The exchange has members who accept the exchange of services and products. Suppose you need a new circuit ball, but you don’t need your product / service in a computer store. You earn points by sharing with people and businesses who need your product / service. You earn points by exchange. When you have enough for the desktop, you ‘get’ the desktop with the points you collect. The exchange sometimes charges a small percentage of the points for the services they provide.

Don’t limit yourself to thinking about what can be exchanged. Treat shopping like any other sale or purchase. Contact reputable companies. Don’t think that you have to download your product. Barter purchases are recorded as an expense in your profit and loss statement. Barter sales (where you trade) are reflected as income.

Barter organizations can be found on the internet, just put them in a trade and barter organization. Many cities have local barter organizations. Contact your local trading room. Yellow pages also provide lists.

Use these three methods to earn cash for your company.

How to find places in Indianapolis to get rid of tattoos for free

Looking for places that offer free tattoo services in Indianapolis? Forging salons and intricate engraving centers are on the rise, especially for facilities and places that offer free tattoo cleaning. These centers offer their services in a professional, reliable and sincere way to remove old and new tattoos using various techniques. There is a requirement in finding places that actually offer this procedure. If you are looking for a place that offers tattoo removal services in Indianapolis IN, there is a neighborhood that provides this information especially in the city area of ​​Acton, Clearwater, Castleton, Camby, Brightwood, Ravenswood, Clermont, Cumberland, Broad Ridge Ripple, Williams. Creek, Spring Hill, Speedway, Brownsburg and New Palestine.

Although there are millions of people in India who do all kinds of tattoos, there comes a time when some of them want to get rid of them and find a place where they can successfully perform the procedure. Thanksgiving is becoming a necessity. People want to get rid of tattoos for any reason, the most popular job search. These days, many white-and-blue-collar jobs, especially in the workplace, are plagued by tattoos that have different messages that can be offensive to others. Other reasons include the loss of validity of the tattoo from the moment it is obtained. There are those who want their tattoos to be completely erased because they want to turn a new leaf in their lives and do not want a tattoo reminiscent of a different period in their lives. Regardless of the cause, it is important to find a tattoo removal center that is competent enough to remove the ink using a number of procedures. There are currently many ways to find places that perform the procedure for free.

Because there are different ways to find different centers that specialize in deleting a tattoo in Indianapolis? The answer is yes, but the Internet is generally the best way. You can start your search in areas such as E. Michigan Street. Shopping is important because costs can vary. The easiest way to get rid of one and not have to pay for your nose is to use lotions and creams. These are now available online in tattoo shops and places like Amazon. Those who sell skin care products also sell products that claim to remove tattoos and leave minimal marks. Other high-tech methods are laser treatment. It is recommended that you consult a dermatologist or a dermatologist before starting this. This allows you to know if the skin allows the intensity of the laser use or if other methods work better. There are many dermatologists in Indianapolis and they take the most insurance packages.

That is, if you do a lot of searching in Indianapolis and focus on the areas we mentioned, there is a free tattoo removal available. The Internet is a great way to get started because it saves you time and energy in searching, especially if you use three basic search engines. It can help you find dermatologists or dermatologists who will work with your insurance and offer their services for free.

How to choose DC Power Modules from DC?

DC – DC power module It has been widely used in network, communication, railway, military, industrial control and other fields due to its superior performance, compact size and remarkable feature of simplified use. For this reason, most engineers are well aware that choosing the right DC to DC power modules can solve problems, save designs, and help them focus more in these areas. These not only help to increase the reliability of the overall system, but also shorten the overall cycle of product development. For this reason, it is important to choose the right DC to DC power modules.

In addition to the most basic functions of voltage conversion, the following factors must also be considered. Other ways you can choose:

  • Package: Generally, power modules are packaged in various forms. Some of them are by global standards, some are non-standard. In some cases, the same rated power modules come in different packaging or the same package has a different rated power. So, some criteria for choosing the right power module:
    1. Here you will choose the types that are compatible with the global standards package for as long as possible, you will get better compatibility and it will be easier to find a replacement supplier.
    2. Module upgrades, system scalability, and scalability should be included
    3. The size of the module should be as small as possible to save more space for other sections
  • Rated power: According to the general recommendation, the real power consumption of the power module is 30-80%. Very low loads can result in waste, and very high ones are relatively unstable, and they also give off a lot of heat. Most modules come with such overload protection, generally offering 120-150% bearing. However, it is not recommended to work for a long time in these overload conditions.
  • Operating frequency: In general, the higher the frequency, the smaller the output ripple sounds and the better the dynamic response. But here, especially the value of the magnetic reaction will increase. In general, the switching frequency of the power module available on the market is less than 300 kHz, or even less than 100 kHz. Therefore, it is difficult to meet the requirements of dynamic reaction. So, before you buy one, you should consider applying high-frequency products to strict requirements. In addition, users should be aware that a syntonic oscillation may occur even though the switching frequency of the power module is close to the signal frequency.
  • Reducing the temperature range: Generally, power module manufacturers have several temperature ranges known as military rank, industrial grade, and commodity grade modules. Thus, when choosing modules, you must take into account the real needs of the operating temperature range. Different types of heat levels use different types of roads and materials, and therefore the costs vary greatly. So there are basically two options:
    1. Select according to the temperature range
    2. Choose based on power and package usage

Economy, Credit and Economy Drops (Ripple Impact)

Someone is affected when people spend money. If you spend a dollar or a million, spending money creates cash flow, cash flow creates jobs. The economy is governed by the exchange of goods and services and the flow of money. Money is such a product that when credit is too expensive in the form of higher rates and payments, consumer spending is limited, especially for larger purchases. The current credit crisis is an example of this. When consumer choices are limited, the lack of credit for larger purchases can have a devastating effect on all types of businesses associated with these products. Successful work benefits all of us. A specific job may require a supplier or shipper, a printing company, or any other number of job services. All of these businesses benefit from both their employees and the local economy in which they work. An example of this is a company with 250 or 500 or any number of employees in Anytown in the United States. When these workers go to lunch, buy petrol for their car, go to work, and so on. This has a positive effect on the local economy when shopping at nearby local stores. Spending money is extremely important to drive the economy, so every news station in the country reports holiday sales figures at the end of the year. Because it affects every business that produces, ships, sells, repairs, cleans, installs or advertises these products. When businesses don’t make enough money, they lay off workers, fewer workers spend less money, and more jobs are lost. Many different businesses rely on each other to survive. Let’s say a very large company works with several hundred other companies, such as Wal-Mart or General Motors. Now think of all these employees and the different products and services they spend their money on. It can only do good things for the economy, but if a large part of the cash flow stops, big problems like the ones our economy is facing now can arise.

Now let’s look at the rich and their impact on downsizing. If a rich or poor person or someone spends money, someone benefits, but let’s look from top to bottom. Some wealthy people own and operate their own businesses or many businesses Xpopulation. These workers pay taxes and spend money on all the necessary living expenses, and the other earns money from this money. Also, this rich guy may own a house or two or three, and when he buys a house or a car, the exchange of money will result in more taxes and income, and so on. What is the maintenance of your house and cars? Painting, roofing, carpet cleaning and floor care, home maintenance and car repair for cars, car wash, tires. The list could go on and on, so I don’t think anyone would get upset when the really rich get richer, because they’re more likely to spend more and have a positive financial impact. All the companies that help protect their goods and the people who work for them benefit, and in turn hire those who spend money and pay taxes. This means that a rich person automatically redistributes wealth every time he spends money. Wealth creation is the main reason why most people have a job. Companies don’t start from the air, they are run by people, and if they are successful companies, someone can be rich for that reason. This wealth is wasted and maybe that rich guy decides to start another company or let someone else start his own business and the low quiet period starts again, so thank some rich guys for your work. Everywhere you spend your money, someone makes money and you will support a job and a job. When we spend money, the economy works well, and the more you spend, the more everyone benefits. It is an economic fact that even if the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, money still flows from top to bottom. If there are businesses in an area, there are employees who spend money on food, housing, transportation, entertainment and so on. So think about the benefits of improving the profitability of a large business for other small businesses nearby. Many businesses work with each other, and this improves the economic situation for everyone, so spend a little money.

Subprime Mortgage Crisis and Ripple Impact

Experts believe that the mortgage crisis was perhaps the biggest financial shock in the country since the Great Depression of the 1930s and early 1940s. The subprime mortgage crisis caused by the explosion of the housing bubble in the United States did not leave the world’s major economies unharmed. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects the country’s GDP to grow by about 0.6% in 2009.

Liquidity problems in the banking sector are manifesting themselves as a result of the subprime mortgage crisis. The problem worsened in late 2006 due to a growing number of seizures. This again exacerbated a global slowdown in the economy between 2007 and 2008.

High default rates marked the beginning of the crisis when those who did not qualify for a loan (subprime) were given the same. This made the agreements more risky. The credit history of the subprime borrowers was damaged and they were unable to repay the loan amount. Uncertainty prevailed as the housing market was not as expected.

Statistics confirm that about 1.3 million homes in the United States in 2007 were subject to seizures. In addition to the difficulties of real estate operators, ARM or regulated interest rates have been reset to a higher rate than mortgage interest rates. As of February 2008, banking and non-bank financial institutions reported losses of $ 170 billion.

The impact of the US subprime mortgage crisis on the world economy

The subprime mortgage crisis in the United States not only caused a serious recession, but also the world economies fell sharply. Some countries may have felt this before, and some may resist the wave for months. Finally, all major economies have succumbed to the sub-crisis. Let’s take a look at how markets developed in Asia, Australia and Europe after the US mortgage crisis.

1. South Korea’s main index decreased by 4%

2. Standard indicators in Hong Kong and Thailand decreased by 3%.

3. A large sale was witnessed in Asian markets.

4. Stock market experts in the UK have not yet addressed the root causes of the economic performance.

5. The stock markets of Thailand, Australia and Germany were hit hard.

6. France, the United Kingdom and Germany saw a decline of more than 2% in key indices.

7. IKB Deutsche Industriebank was severely affected by the US subprime mortgage crisis.

8. The Asian financial market has witnessed the withdrawal of all shares by First Public Investment.

9. Macquarie Bank, a well-known financial services company in Australia, announced that investors could lose 25% or more of their investments.

How "Crypto" Currencies work – a brief overview of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple

“Crypto” – or “crypto currencies” – is a type of software system that provides users with operational functionality via the Internet. These are the most important features of the system decentralized nature – in general block chain database system.

Blockchain and “cryptocurrencies” have recently become key elements of the global zeitgeist; generally as a result of the rise in the “price” of Bitcoin. This has led to millions of people joining the market, and many “Bitcoin exchanges” have come under massive infrastructure stress as demand has increased.

The most important point about crypto is that it does not provide any other material benefit (border operations over the Internet), although it actually serves one purpose. In other words, “internal value” is strictly limited by the ability to deal with other people; Not in maintaining / spreading value (as most people see it).

The most important thing you need to understand is the presence of Bitcoin and the like payment networks – NOT “Currency”. It will be covered more deeply in a second; The most important thing to realize is that “getting rich” with BTC is not a way to give people a better economic situation – it is simply possible to buy “coins” at a lower price and sell them at a higher price.

For this purpose, when looking at “crypto”, you must first understand how it works and where the “value” is really …

Decentralized Payment Networks …

As mentioned, the main thing to remember about Crypto is that a decentralized payment network. Consider Visa / Mastercard without a central operating system.

This is important because it highlights the real reason why people are starting to take a deeper look at the Bitcoin offer; Bitcoin allows you to send / receive money from anyone anywhere in the world as long as you have a wallet address.

The reason this attributes “price” to different “coins” is the misconception that Bitcoin will somehow give you the ability to make money by being a “crypto” being. Not at all.

The ONLY The way people make money with Bitcoin is to buy “coins” at a cheaper price and sell them at a much higher price. While it worked well for many people, it actually stemmed from a “bigger stupid theory” – essentially saying that if you could “sell” coins, it was a bigger fool than you.

This means that if you want to be connected to the “crypto” space today, the price goes up until you buy any of the “coins” (even the “bottom” coins) that are mostly cheap (or cheap) and sell them later. Since none of the “coins” are backed by real-world assets, there is no way to estimate when / how it will work.

Growth in the future

Bitcoin is a force expended for all purposes.

The epic rally of December 2017 showed mass acceptance, and if the price continues to rise in the $ 20,000 + range, buying one of the coins today would be a big gamble that would happen.

Smart money looks at the majority of “bottom” coins (Ethereum / Ripple, etc.), which have a relatively small value, but are constantly increasing in price and appropriation. The main thing to consider in the modern “crypto” space is the actual use of different “platform” systems.

Such is the space of fast-paced “technology”; Ethereum & Ripple is similar to the next Bitcoin – focusing on giving users the ability to actually use “decentralized applications” (DApps) on their core networks to access their features. work.

This means that if you look at the next level of “crypto” growth, you will almost certainly come from a variety of platforms that you can identify there.

What is Ripple and why has its value increased so rapidly?

With a 35,000% increase in value in 2017 and a market value of more than $ 118 billion, Ripple has been a hotly debated topic among analysts and investors. But what is Ripple? Like other cryptocurrencies? Why is it burning lately? Keep reading to get answers to these questions.

1. What is a ripple?

Ripple is a payment solutions company founded by Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb. Their Ripple Operating Protocol (RTXP) cryptocurrency has XRP. Ripple claims to offer faster, more reliable and cost-effective operating solutions for financial institutions. The company generated one hundred billion XRP and now owns 61 percent of the coins. The current plan is to issue one billion coins a month.

2. Differences between Ripple and Bitcoin

Both Bitcoin and Ripple are cryptocurrencies that use blockchain technology. But there is a major difference between the two: unlike Bitcoin, Ripple cannot be removed. The currency is not built as a mined currency and its use is stable in the Ripple network.

Both Bitcoin and Ripple use verification nodes to verify books. Bitcoin has about 10,000 trusted nodes, while Ripple has only five. However, the company plans to add 11 more in the next 18 months. The five verification nodes are operated by Ripple. XRP has been criticized for its lack of independent validators. The XRP ledger is accessible to everyone, so anyone can download and verify it. Many companies manage their nodes in the Ripple network.

3. Reasons for Ripple’s recent price increase

The recent rise in the price of XRP is closely linked to the expected use of foreign exchange by financial institutions and the investment of incredible investors. Ripple has managed to win the bank as a customer for other products. Ripple’s xCurrent is preferred by financial institutions because it offers real-time communication and fast adjustments, thus reducing delays in banking transactions. The company plans to introduce a new product xRapid, which combines XRP. The new product is seen as an opportunity for banks to use XRP. Investors see the potential of the currency as a financial instrument used by world banks.

Ripple, or XRP, is a rising cryptocurrency. This is different from the leading digital currency Bitcoin, because the supply is managed by the founding company. Ripple is banking to adopt banks in the future. It is safe to assume that Ripple’s recent rise will lead to more controversy over viability as a cryptocurrency activity.